The Project Manager’s Checklist for Building Projects: Delivery Strategies & Processes

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As todays building projects are becoming increasingly more complex, having an ever increasing number of requirements, it has become essential to comprehensively plan building projects upfront and determine how these can be effectively progressed and efficiently delivered. To do so, project managers must not only know and understand the different lifecycle phases and many processes involved, but must also be able to determine what the most appropriate delivery strategy for their particular project is. Establishing a project roadmap and having a comprehensive checklist of what to do has therefore, become essential, as these not only provide quick access to the necessary prompters that should be considered, but also enables the most appropriate decisions to be made.
This book sets how building projects can be effectively delivered, it sets out the essential project management delivery processes through a roadmap of checklists that covers both the project and design management processes and lists their many associated activities, applicable to any building project. These not only provide a valuable insight as to how building projects should be progressed and managed, but also outlines what should be considered and actioned at any particular point on the project delivery path to ensure the successful delivery of viable built outcomes.