Kit adesivi decal stikers BMW K1600 GTL SPORT HP6 (ability to customize the colors)

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The stickers is carved in pre-spaced vinyl or digitally printed to ecosolvent always pre-spaced , will fit on most smooth surfaces and curves. The materiael used is Avery fascal or ApaCast ( adhesive cast ein professional material whose dowry larger and have glue on the back but no water in the solvent, this prevents any residue once it will remove the ‘ adhesive and in terms of durability is very superior as an adhesive not Cast ) Freebubble ( on the back of the adhesive is present un’alveaturala which allows air to escape ) . They mount Cleaning with soap and water and not being antibolle.Sono adhesives resistant to water, mud, atmospheric and chemical agents such as alcohol , benzine, etc. … The sticker comes with a transparent paper that tape for easy mounting as the adhesive does not have a real background . The adhesive can be mounted and put under transparent using eco-solvent or water-based paint as required by law. The adhesive is guaranteed to 9 years imtemperie and chemicals.Adhesive cast and Freebubble high quality
Adhesive pre-spaced digitally printed or carved
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The stickers are replicas and not originals, in some kits are supplied stickers that were supposed to be painted in origin, so it would not fit but a sticker that is provided completely free of charge if someone wanted to try
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