Theory MailChimp Playing Cards (Red)

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Mailchimp has teamed with Theory11 and Fuzzco to create a deck of custom Mailchimp-themed playing cards.Mailchimp helps small to large businesses organize and maintain email broadcast campaigns, and is noted for having an informal, almost tongue-in-cheek tone to the user experience.The email marketing giant brought in brand design experts Fuzzco and magic company Theory 11 for the job. Each card in the deck is designed to represent a primate theme, and come in red or black. All profits from the sales go to the non-profit organization Fugees Family.Despite their simple, almost blocky aesthetic on the website, the primate cards are elegantly designed with high-quality art and materials, and each set has its own unique jokers.Fuzzco designed the illustrations for the cards, diving deep into MailChimp’s company history and the history of card design.Theory11 came in to produce the packaging and boxes for the decks, and used their sales platform for distribution. The combination of the fun product with beautiful design is intended to reflect MailChimp’s own high-quality product driven by an informal engine.The cards’ beneficiary serves the Atlanta area, assisting refugees by giving them free access to soccer. Since their founding 10 years ago, they have expanded into a general education outreach program serving grades six through 11. They are the only program in the United States dedicated to refugee education.Playing cards produced in collaboration with MailChimp and Fuzzco – sure to satisfy apes and humans alike
Made in the USA on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests using vegetable based inks
MailChimp donates 100% of their proceeds to The Fugees Academy